Metal Laser M1390


SKU : Metal Laser M1390

หมวดหมู่ : CO2 LASER


150W M1390 Metal Co2 Laser Machine
Effective Thickness           Carbon steel,Stainless 1.2mm. Max

Effective working area              1300*900mm
Laser tube power                       RECI 130/150Wmax
Working table                            Honey comb or knife strip
Driver mode                               3 phases stepper motor and Driver
Guide rail                                   Linear square guide( Hiwin,Taiwan)
Transmission                              Belt transmission
Control panel                            English
Laser output control                1-100% software setting
Engraving speed                       0-60000mm/min
Cutting speed                           0-10000mm/min
Control system                         LEETRO MPC8530
Control software                      LaserCUT6
Resolution accuracy                 < 0.01mm
Working temperature               0-45 °C
Supporting format                    PLT,DST,DXF,BMP,DWG,AI,LAS,etc
Voltage supply                           AC 220V±10% 50/60Hz, single phase 

Laser cutter is able to cut and engrave on widely types materials like Carbon steel,Stainless, wood, acrylic,crystal,MDF,leather,cloth,fiber,light marble,glass,bamboo,nut shell,solar cell plate,etc

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