MKX-IV Mach3 USB Interface


SKU : Mach3 USB Interface

หมวดหมู่ : Mach3 Interface CNC. Part


MKX-IV Mach3 USB Interface 3แกนราคา 4,700 บาท

MKX-IV Mach3 USB Interface 4แกนราคา 5,900 บาท

MKX-IV Mach3 USB Interface 6แกนราคา 10,000 บาท

         MK4-V Mach3 USB 4 Axis CNC Motion Control Card Breakout Board 2000 KHz 2 MHz,

Support Resume from Breakpoint and Spindle Speed Feedback

I. Package Contents:

     1 x CNC Mach3 USB 4 Axis Motion Control Card
     1 x USB Cable
     1 x CD (Mach3 Version3.043.066, instruction, )
     1 x English Manual

II.    Features:


1.Dual-Processors, ARM+FPGA, More processing power
2.Support all versions of Mach3. 
3.Could resume from Breakpoint
4.Support spindle speed feedback.
5.USB jack does not need to install the driver, plug and play under all versions of Windows (32bit, 64bit ). 
6.Full support USB hot-swappable, USB connection status monitoring at any time. Under Mach3 working state, USB cable unplugs and then plugs in, the connection would be normal still.
7.Supports 4-axis linkage. 
8.Maximum step-pulse frequency is 2000 KHz, can connect servo driver/stepper driver. 
9.The indicator light indicates various working status, such as USB connection, Mach3 connection and so on.
10. 16 input port, 8 output port. I/O ports can be expanded.
11.All IO port fully isolated, strong anti-interference, stable performance.
12.Onboard isolated power supply, not need external power supply.
13.Support spindle speed PWM output; support spindle pulse and direction output; support spindle speed output from 0 to 10V analog voltage.
14.Support XHC series of wireless electronic mach3 MPG, such as WHB04 MPG.
15.With an aluminum shell, effectively shielding interference, stable and reliable performance.
16.Could work under Windows 7, 8, 10 system (including 32-Bit and 64-Bit)

This mach3 motion control card has successfully been used to control the following types of equipment:Lathes
*Gear cutting

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