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Plasma Torch height control THC.HP105

Working voltage: DC24±10%,50Hz/60Hz,Please prepare a
isolated power, do not shared with others such as electronic
valve . Especial Pay more attention the DC 24V
l Lift motor: DC24V DC motor
l Drive mode: PWM
l Output current:1A-4A.
l Working temperature: Height controller -10∽60℃
l IHS style: Switch inspecting IHS (suitable for all plasma
both above-water and under-water cutting), Plasma Shield
Protector IHS (suitable for above-water cutting’s touch
leading arc voltage plasma)
l Running transfer: Alternative Arc transfer and pierce transfer
l Divided voltage ratio:100:1
l Accuracy: ±1V∽±5V,adjustable
l Outer Dimension: Length X Width X Height:
Weight: 0.8kg
Protection class: IP64, to prevent dust from entering.
Installation connector: 2-pin, 4-pin, 5-pin, DB-9 core
Installation position: Keep away from heat, air convection good place.

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