DSP handle 0501 memory 128M handle data line engraving machine parts


SKU : DSP handle 0501

หมวดหมู่ : Mach3 Interface CNC. Part


DSP 0501 handle controller


Embedded Systems.
USB storage device for reading.
Multiple formats G code and PLT (HPGL) file to read.
G code clerical error checking.
Preflight processing code.
Security protection parameter value.
Machine safety dimensions.
Self-diagnosis system.
Multi-language switching.
two. Hardware Resources
TI DSP processor dedicated sports
Triaxial core hardware motion
Large-capacity memory (128-1G)
USB host interface (external memory read)
USB (maintenance system) from the interface
Independent keyboard interface (expandable to 64 keys)
8 inputs outputs (expandable to 64 into 64)

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