A axis rotation axis 100MM chuck


SKU : A axis rotation

หมวดหมู่ : CNC. Part


แกน A Engraving machine (A axis, rotation axis, numerical control indexing head) + tailstock

1.ชุดหัวจับ K11-100mm.

Center height: 65MM
Output shaft diameter: 30MM
Shaft hollow diameter: 21MM
Angle: 0.3 degrees/step
Reduction ratio: 6:1 (synchronous belt deceleration mode)
Stepper motor: two-phase 57 stepper motor (domestic brand new)
Fittings: a total pair of claws and a wrench (pictured)
Size: length 210MM* width 168MM*115MM


Center height: 65MM
Telescopic stroke: 50MM
Top Tip: Active
Fittings: with axial locking wrench (pictured)
Weight: 2.1KG

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