SKU : CNC-4640

หมวดหมู่ : CNC controller



CNC 4640 4 Axis Milling/Drilling/Router CNC Controller WE

ADT-CNC4640 a 4 axis CNC controls are designed for Milling/Drilling, adopt ARM9 high performance CPU and super-lager programmable FPGA, real-time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology. Guaranteed the efficiency of μm-level precision processing. 256M electronic hard drive, satisfying the processing of wordpiece with all kinds of large programs, 7 inch color display screen.


7.0 Inch TFT color display, 800 X 400 hight resolution display Ethernet network interface, 10/100M enthernet port.
U flash and USB communication port, USB TO PC communication connector.
Additional plate (FCNC4M) and MPG(CNC4A)
ARM 9 CPU+FPGA double core processor
PLC function
Four chanel 2 mb/s high speed pulse output , 6 chanel AB phase decoder
Two chanel serial RS232 connector.
SD card big capacity memory connector.
Support 4 axis linkage.
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