NCstudio CNC board


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NCstudio CNC board

# The basic configuration is three motion axes. 
CNC turntable support. 
Automatic processing. Full support for ISO standard G commands, HP Plotter (HP PLT) format and Engraving (ENG) format.
# Manual function. It supports the operation of machine tools through machine input devices, such as handheld devices, and also supports manual operation through computer input devices such as keyboards and mice. 
Incremental feed function. It is convenient for users to accurately set the feed amount, and the step size can be flexibly adjusted.
# User Data Entry (MDI) feature. The user can enter the G command online and execute it immediately.
# Advanced machining instructions. Simply input a few parameters, you can complete the functions of milling, hooking and so on.
# Single step mode. The user can set the machining task to be executed to single-step mode, which provides good support for error diagnosis and fault recovery.
# Advanced automatic functions such as breakpoint memory and skip execution.
# Save/restore the workpiece origin function.
# The feed axis is precisely returned to the machine origin (reference point) function.
# Automatic tool setting function. These features provide great convenience for user processing.
# The feedrate override is adjusted online. The user can adjust the feedrate override at any time during the machining process. A minimum of 0 is equivalent to a pause in processing; up to 120%.
# High speed smooth speed connection. In a typical CNC system, the connection speed between two G commands is usually a fixed value (for example, equal to zero or a small value). In the new CNC system, a unique processing speed adaptive prediction algorithm is adopted. The algorithm adaptively determines the speed of the connection between the current instruction and the next instruction according to the connection speed, direction, maximum acceleration, and forward prediction function. Not only greatly improves the processing efficiency (about 30% to 300%), but also improves the processing performance and eliminates the speed vibration pattern left on the machined surface.
# 3D analog display function. Through simple operation, the 3D machining results can be observed from various angles, so that the machining results can be understood more accurately and intuitively.
# Simulation function. The machining program can be quickly simulated and processed in a very short time. At the same time, the machining program is checked for errors, the machining results are satisfactory, and the time required for actual machining can be accurately calculated.
# Powerful and flexible keyboard support. The new version is very powerful for keyboard operations. Meet the needs of users in the operation process.
# Log function. The system provides powerful logging capabilities to help users view detailed machining information and system diagnostics.
# Built-in processing file manager. Users can manage these files in a built-in manager by saving the program files to the specified directory.

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