DSP RichAuto A11


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หมวดหมู่ : Mach3 Interface CNC. Part


DSP controller A11 complete set English letters panel for 3 axis cnc machine


1. High performance core processing CPU: The eight nuclear processing CPU, faster calculation, stronger processing ability.

2. Simple handle structure with buttons controls: 16 buttons operation mode, comfortable hand-held end, easy to learn easy to use, simple and quick.

3. Multiple data transmission, large storage capacity support: Completely off-line operation and support a variety of mobile storage transmission methods; 512MB internal memory, can read large capacity storage mobile device.

4. Intelligent reading processing documents function: AutoNow series products is more smart in proof reading of the processing documents, to new processing files, only reading before the first time operation. And in the process of reading, it can also skip checking according to customers demands which save the users valuable time in great degree.

5. Intelligent memory function: support power lost and breakpoint processing; not only storage the process position, but also memory the file name, ensure user continue processing from breakpoint quickly & accurately.

6. Two kinds of processing mode choice: high precision mode and to ensure the machining precision and quality of high speed mode, that ensure the process efficiency, saving processing time.

7. Security checking & alarm: Add security warning system and abnormal reminder functions, such as back to zero abnormal shaft mark, distance mode mobile safety tips, processing beyond the function such as display, greatly guarantee the accuracy and consistency processing.

8. More perfect encryption functions: Hardware encryption, set parameters encryption, running time of encryption and the internal important processing file encryption, and other functions, the modification, prevent delete prevent copying, and to ensure the customers technical information and assets safe.

9. Anti-jamming performance ids greatly increased: Though some CE test, anti-jamming greatly improved.

10. Department stronger: AutoNow based version 8 series of 8 out into the support I/O mouth custom editing functions, the user can completely according to their own needs editing and defined, and may expand to 32 input 32 output; Based on 8 nuclear processing CPU, but also for secondary development, for the customer equipments of the special function, special purpose to add, meet the needs of different industries, with period is short, the cost is low, the secrecy id good wait for a characteristic.


l New three-axis linkage motion mode to achieve comprehensive controlling

l Support drive and spindle error alarm function

l Large storage space, perfect U disk compatibility, fast reading speed, safe and reliable U disk-processing.

l Support intelligent file checking function.

l Parameter backup and restore function to prevent the loss of important parameters.

l High anti-jamming intensity passes many CE tests.

l Intelligent processing memory, supports power fail safeguard and breakpoint function.

l Definable I/O interfaces provide customers a wide range of development platforms.


Product Model**RichAuto----A11E
Internal Memory**512MB
Display Screen**128*64 Monochrome LCD
Communication Port**U disk.USB cable
Controlled Axis Number**3 axes
Control Signal** Pulse/Direction  Differential signal
Drive System**step motor/servo motor
Min.Input Unit**0.001mm
No Volt Protection **support
Breakpoint Processing Function** 8 External

Power Supply Voltage**24V DC
Manual Mode**Continuous.point move.distance
Soft/Hard Limit**support
Max. Pulse Frequency**1M/S
Password Protection**support
Support Language**simple Chinese/traditional Chinese.English.other languages

Standard Configuration
(1) DSP Handle;(1) 50 core cable (1)USB cable; (1)8 I/O Wiring board

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