750W AC Servo Motor Driver Set


SKU : 750W AC Servo Motor Driver Set


หมวดหมู่ : Servo motor/Drive CNC. Part


 750W AC Servo Motor Driver Set 80ST-M02430(A07530)

750W 3000rpm. 2.39NM ,Peak torque 7.1NM

This product set includes:

1 pc. servo motor 

1 pc. servo drive

1pc.  encoder line (limited length 3m)

1 pc.  motor wire (limited length 3m)

1 set of 25-core parallel connectors


Application industry: CNC processing equipment, food processing equipment, material conveying equipment, textile machinery, etc.

This product can replace Huada, Guangshu, MiG series motors


Note: The driver is powered by three-phase AC220 or single-phase 220V. Three-phase 380V is strictly prohibited!

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