Plasma/Frame F2300B


SKU : F2300B New model

หมวดหมู่ : Plasma Gas Parts CNC controller


1.ขนาดหน้าจอ 10.4 inch colourful LCD display.
3.User progarm space:256M
4.USB port:USB1.1 interface front 
1.15-pin male connect for 2 axis motor driver
2.25-pin female for 16 opto-isolated output,max current 300mA
3.25-pin male for 16 opto-isolated input,max current 300mA
4.USB interface in front of the panel ,easy for code transport
Technical Indicator

1) Control Axis: 2 axis linkage(3 axis customizable)

2) Control accuracy: +/-0.001mm

3) Coordinate range: +/- 99999.99mm

4) Max pulses: 200 kHz.   Max speed: 15,000 mm/m

5) Max lines of code: 150,000lines

6) Max size of single code file: 4M

7) Time resolution: 10ms

8) Working Voltage: DC +24V direct-current power input, power > 80W。

9) Working Temperature: -10℃~+60℃. Relative Humidity, 0~95%.

10) Max power of drive arc THC motor: 45W (suitable for models with “T”). if need more power, can select maximum value: 200W.


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