DDCSV3.1 CNC engraving machine system offline G code


SKU : DDCSV3.1 CNC controller

หมวดหมู่ : CNC controller Mach3 Interface CNC. Part


DDCSV3.1 CNC engraving machine system offline G code

  DDCSV3.1 3 แกน CNC   ราคา 7,400บาท

  DDCSV3.1 4 แกน CNC   ราคา 8,600บาท

  MPG.Handwheel            ราคา 1,800บาท


1. Offline system, no computer, no other control equipment

2. Simultaneously control the operation of 4 stepper motors

3. With 15-channel input interface, including functions such as limit emergency stop.

4. With 4 programmable output interfaces, including controlled peripherals such as water cooling and fog cooling.

5. Spindle speed adjustment VSO mode (0-10V) dual mode.

6. Independently design system software.

7. USB interface, support common U disk system.

8. DCDC electrical isolation

9. Power supply requirement: 18-32VDC1A DC power supply

10. The maximum 500K stepper motor control pulse output is suitable for most machine tool systems.

11: Support standard MPG.

12: Support standard G code system.

13: Embedded shell design, easy to install on any cabinet panel.

14: Integrated power supply stabilization system can resist electromagnetic interference of general spindle motor.

15: High-speed output interface chip, providing sufficient current and pulse frequency signal output.

16: Industrial-grade main control chip to improve system stability.

17: Support breakpoint saving, the breakpoint can be saved at any time when the power fails, and it can continue processing after restarting

18: Support automatic tool setting, convenient and fast

19: Online reading technology, support large-capacity U disk, support super large G code file, any size file, can be read in seconds.



DDCS upgrade without price increase:

The revision is as follows:

1: The input signal is modified to support NPN type proximity switch;

2: Support the limit and the origin (HOME) to share the input port;

3: Replaced the more stable FLASH to ensure that there is no problem of program loss;

4: Upgrade algorithm, support soft interpolation, fix the arc interpolation 

5: The power module is upgraded, and the system runs more stable.

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