หมวดหมู่ : Mach3 Interface


RNR MACH3 USB 4 Axis                  


RNR Universal USB Motion Card is designed for Mach3 software. Its functions and features are as follows:

- Supports up to 4-axis linkage control. The 4th axis can be set as the slave axis.

- The output pulse is 100K. The minimum error interpolation algorithm is high processing accuracy.

- USB interface, suitable for any netbook with USB interface, laptop, desktop and tablet PC compatible computers

- No driver Designed to be better compatible with various hardware and software environments (supports WinXP and WIN7 systems). We have tested it with Windows 10 systems and it seems to work fine.

- Supports automatic homing (return to zero)

- Slave axis auto-levels at homing

- Supports automatic tool setting

- Supports emergency stop input

- Support limit switch access

- Support spindle control (PWM mode and relay mode)

- Provide 4 channels with optocoupler isolated digital signal input

- Provide up to 12 digital signal inputs

- Provide 4 channels with optocoupler isolated relay output

- Support handwheel Interface

- Interference design, imported industrial components, high reliability

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