CNC Wood Lathe L1225


SKU : cnc wood lathe

หมวดหมู่ : CNC wood lathe CNC ROUTER


Maximum processing length  1250mm
Maximum turning diameter  250mm
Structure   Single axis two blades
Material   Heavy duty cast iron machine bed
Air pressure   0.6-0.8Mpa
Maximum processing speed   2000mm/min
Minimum processing unit   0.001mm
Transmission    X, Y,Z-axis : lead ball screw transmission diameter 25mm
Guide rail   Linear square guide rail, Hiwin, Taiwan, diameter 20mm
Spindle turning speed   0-2800rpm
Main motor power   4kw, three-phase asynchronous motor
Control system  1000T controller with handhweel
Motor   Stepper motor,86BYGH450B, 1.8°, 5.0A
Driver   Stepper driver, Yako, 2D811
Inverter   BEST, China, install the adjusting panel on the control cabinet
Drawing Software   AutoCAD
Hand controller recognize file   *.dxf  *G-code  *.CNC  *.NC  *.Text
Rotate top & Tailshaft   Rotate top Mohs # 4 & # 60 Tailshaft
Material clamping method    Air cylinder clamping
Blades material   Superhard alloy
Voltage   AC 220V ±10%, 50/60Hz, single phase
Lubrication system   Semi-auto
Machine size   2290*1070*960mm
N.W   800kg
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