50W CO2 Laser Power Supply


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50W CO2 Laser Power Supply    

MYJG50W Laser Power Supply

1. Input voltage: AC 220V, AC110V (order should be specified).
2. Output laser start voltage: DC 40KV (130W), DC 35KV (W) DC 30 (KV) DC 26KV (40W).
3. Output maximum current: DC 38mA (130W), DC 30mA (80W) DC 24mA (50W) DC 20mA (40W).
4. Response speed: ≤ 1mS.
5. TTL level switch control: the effective level can be high, low choice.
6. Protection switch: can be used to detect the presence of water, protect the laser; or open the shell when the protection.
7. Laser power adjustment: (1) by the potentiometer to adjust the laser power output current. (2) is controlled by PWM (amplitude is TTL level).
8. The power supply itself has a feedback interface that can be used for closed-loop control to verify the actual operating current of the laser.
9. Use of the environment: temperature (-10 ~ 40) degree celsius  humidity: ≤ 85 percent
10. Dimensions:  180 * 144 * 91 (mm)
Instructions for use: 
1) Connection of laser tube:
The high voltage (HV +) of the laser power supply must be connected to the anode (full reflection end) of the CO2 laser tube. The current loop of the laser power supply is connected to the cathode (laser output) of the CO2 laser tube via an ammeter (or directly).
2) Control signal connection:
Figure 1 (or Figure 2), the control signal lines were reliable access to the laser power control terminal.
3) Control signal input:
As shown in Figure 3, the external computer output of the DAC signal and TTL signal input required laser power, you can control the laser tube output laser as required.
4) Voltage selection:
Laser power requirements for the input 220VAC / 50Hz, for 110VAC should be special order.
5) Additional features:
The laser power supply has a set of protection switches that can be connected in series to protect the water, to protect it when opening the enclosure.

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